• Medical Treatment Diary - Documenting your symptoms with the Medical Treatment Diary can significantly improve your chances of winning Social Security benefits!

  • Advocate Training - Become a Certified SSA Disability Advocate. Earn up to $6000 per successful case!

  • Olivia Software - Olivia Prime enables you to process more cases, with less work, over a shorter period of time!

  • Olivia Mobile Coming Soon! - A revolutionary new approach to client communications!

Advocate Training

The Advocate Income Network is the most experienced Social Security disability advocate training source in American. We've educated thousands of advocates over the years, providing the most comprehensive business focused training on the market. Our course provides everything you need to start and operate an advocacy service from home or office. The course also prepares you for Social Security's optional certification. Click here to learn more about this exciting business opportunity.

Advocate Software

To operate a successful advocate service, you must have the right case management software. The Advocate Income Network provides you with the most powerful advocate case processing software in the industry. Our unique Olivia Prime software contains everything you need to operate a success disability advocate business from robust case management to focused Internet marketing all in a single software package. Click here to learn more about our exclusive Olivia Prime software.


Advocate certification, also known as direct-pay certification, has added a new layer of credibility to the field of Social Security disability representation. To acquire certification, you must pass the SSA direct-pay examination. Certification enables a non-attorney representative to be paid directly from the Social Security Administration. It eliminates the process of billing the client. This powerful new privilege has revolutionized this service. To learn more about the certification process and how it can supercharge your service, Click Here.


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    Learn Disability Advocacy

    Comprehensive advocate training is essentual to accessing this field. Our training makes this an ideal service for beginner entrepreneurs and for those seeking to add an additional service to an existing enterprise. Learn More

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    Get Certified

    Certification Program

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    Olivia Prime - Dedicated Case Management Software

    Representing a Social Security disability claim can be a long and laborious process. The process requires that you request, collect, organize, evaluate, and store all available evidence related to a person’s disability claim. This can result in the accumulation of large amounts of documentation. One of the most difficult aspects of case processing is keeping up with documents and retrieving them when you need them. The Olivia Prime case management software will enable you to more efficiently process a Social Security disability. Learn More

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