Certification Prep Program


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The business advantage of being certified cannot be overstated. A Certified advocate is paid directly from Social Security, just like an attorney. This single advantage eliminates the client billing process, making collecting your fee a breeze. The Direct-Pay Prep manual explains the certification process and comes with a sample multiple choice forty-question examination.

If you are seeking comprehensive preparation for the Social Security examination, we strongly recommend our full version Certification Prep Program (CPP). The CPP is an advanced training course designed to refresh your understanding of the disability process. The CPP also includes the Certification Primer II self-testing software. Primer II enables you to test and retest your knowledge of the disability process before sitting for the examination. The Primer II contains multiple full 40 question exams and quizzes designed to reduce test anxiety and boost your knowledge of the disability process.  The Primer II is also sold separately. Order Now!