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Ultimate Solo Basic Training Program


Are you ready to become an expert disability advocate? Then join the Solo Basic Training Program now and take your career to the next level! This comprehensive, cloud-based 5-module package is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in SSA representation. You’ll learn how to provide the best representation for your clients, extract key evidence, and become a competent disability advocate with the Solo Basic Training Program! This comprehensive course covers the fundamentals of SSA representation and teaches you how to operate an advocacy service successfully. Our cloud-based 5-module package includes the following:
Module 1: Guide to Professional Representation – Learn critical skills and strategies to provide the best representation for your clients.
Module 2: Key-Point Extraction – Discover how to effectively extract key evidence needed to win your case
Module 3: Guide to operating an advocacy service – Master the operations of a successful advocacy service
Module 4: Vocational Analysis and Case Strategies – Develop an effective case strategy to help your client win.
Module 5: Creating a Winning Argument – Learn how to create a compelling argument for your clients.
Take your career to the next level and become a certified disability advocate today! Get your basic membership access now for one full year! Order now!

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