Module 1 – Guide to Professional SSA Representation



Module One is a comprehensive introduction to the processes required to represent Social Security disability claims.  This course covers everything from client interviews to the SSA fee petition process. It contains ten full lessons with text, video, and interactive end-of-lesson quizzes.  This product is Part 1 of our full advocate training course and is designed for the beginner advocate who intends to practice as a professional non-attorney representative.  

Module One Contains:

1. Overview of the SSA Disability Process
2. Client and SSA Interaction
3. How SSA’s DSIP affects Case Processing

4. SSA Terms and Definitions
5. The Sequential Analysis Process
6. Intro to Vocational Analysis
7. Medical Case Evaluation – Part 1
Medical Case Evaluation – Part 2
9. Introduction to Key-Point Extraction
10. Argument Creation and Fine-tuning

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